how much do you charge?

how long can i expect my project to last?

which vendors do you work with?

where are my items stored before installation?

how does install/reveal day work?

why is everything so expensive?

what is your design style?

how do i care for my new pieces?

what if i change my mind on the design or product?

what areas do you serve?

Will I be able to sit on my furnishings before purchasing?

how big is your team?

You can find details on services and pricing here.

Each project varies from the other. Builds can take a couple of years from ideation before build to installation at move-in. Smaller projects, such as bathroom or kitchen renovations could take several months or more. For more insight, take a look at the project phases.

Local and American made as much as possible! I have a list of trusted vendors that I have worked with from installers to furniture manufacturers.

Contrary to what you may have seen on renovation shows, most of the time, an entire home from renovations, furniture delivery, and décor placement are not completely revealed all in one day. Depending on timelines on the job site, and with furnishing deliveries, sometimes installation happens in phases.

Large items, such as furniture, will be locally stored in a secure, climate-controlled receiving and storage facility. Smaller items, such as bolts of fabric are delivered to Tennyson Studio for inspection before delivery to fabricators.

Good design takes detail and craftsmanship. To produce a space with longevity in mind, Tennyson keeps quality at the forefront of every design. We live in a society that is filled with fast-design, and furnishings that are cheap, but easily break shortly after we add them to our online shopping carts. Do not expect to see prices that reflect those at big box retailers but expect pieces that last and are durable that you will be proud of for years to come.

Design styles are overrated! I do opt for a more southern-inspired traditional style that feels collected over time. I think many designers try to label a project to a style, limiting the greater ability to create something truly wonderful by blending a variety of styles a client is fond of. Blending styles truly helps a space stand the test of time, and makes it stand out from the rest.

I work with some amazing vendors that have written care instructions for their pieces, as well as tips for cleaning. I’ll make sure to compile those sources for you so that you won’t be left in the dark when project comes to completion.

While you may not be able to sit on the exact piece before purchasing, I will make sure to do a thorough walk through of the different depths, widths, and cushion feels to suit your needs, based on the fantastic lines of high-quality furniture manufacturers I work with. If you do desire to have a more on-hands approach before purchasing, trips to High Point Furniture Market or Atlanta Design and Arts Center can be arranged.

Serving southeast Georgia and South Carolina and the low country area for full scope projects, and nationwide for consultations and builder/developer partnerships for material specification.

Tennyson Studio is a one-woman owned and employed design firm. After working with other design teams in the past, I came to realize that a lot got lost in the shuffle. Blame was easily passed to another, accountability was low, and the decision maker was hard to contact. With Tennyson Studio, all questions are directed to me. This also gives me a greater opportunity to work in deeper detail with my clients one on one, to produce a fantastic design, as well as an amazing client experience.

That’s why I am here to help you make an educated decision every step of the way. Once design plans have been approved, a change order fee will be placed into effect. There are a lot of moving parts, scheduling, and logistics that go into a build and renovation, especially with our fantastic installers and builders, so a change after plans have been solidified, timelines must be adjusted for all parties involved. Vendors may also have their own terms for change orders. For product orders, we refer to our vendors terms for restocking fees and returns. Custom orders cannot be canceled after orders are placed.


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